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Agility Robotics

Agility Robotics builds highly efficient, agile robotic mobility platforms for real world applications.

Blaze Bioscience

Blaze Bioscience, Inc. is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients. Blaze's Tumor Paint products intend to improve cancer surgery by providing real-time, high-resolution visualization of cancer cells throughout surgery.


Marrying sophisticated navigation software with streamlined user interface; Cartogram will change the way we get around hospitals and find our way.

Cascade-Prodrug-Logo-Comp (1)

Cascade ProDrug

Cascade Prodrug is dedicated on furthering the development of its proprietary hypoxia-activated switch technology to improve the therapeutic options for patients with solid tumor indications.


CytoImage is a biotech company that uses single cell imaging innovation to reduce recurrence in individuals diagnosed with cancer.


Diatomix’s proprietary green chemistry technology improves air quality by continuously lowering levels of airborne chemical pollutants.

Dune Sciences

Dune Sciences’ Defunkify™ line of environmentally safe laundry, odor, and stain-fighting products are the highest performing and safest detergents ever made. They crush odor, smell amazing, and are PROVENSAFE™.


eChemion seeks to enable a global transition to renewable energy by developing low-cost, high-performance energy storage components.


Elucid is a medical technology company leveraging machine intelligence to improve the accuracy, experience, and cost-effectiveness of vascular diagnostic imaging.


Handful's core purpose is to enhance the self-esteem of women everywhere by creating fashionable, comfortable, and functional products.


Hemex Health

Hemex creates affordable, life-changing medical diagnostics for under-served populations at risk for malaria and sickle cell disease.

LeadMethod 1


LeadMethod develops channel revenue optimization software for industrial equipment and engineering service companies.



Levrum provides a unique synthesis of simulation and machine learning increases the efficacy of core services and logistics.


Moonshadow shrinks the footprint of Big Data by 90% and increases data access speed 100 times to realize huge data warehouse savings.


Onboard Dymanics

Onboard Dynamics, Inc. is commercializing intra-engine natural gas compressor technology for light-duty vehicles.


EHR embedded solutions that improve clinical collaboration across the entire inpatient care team to remove friction and boost productivity.


Talkoot is an agile product storytelling application that helps DTC brands tell brand-right, shopper-friendly product stories at scale. Faster. Together.


Tougher produces well-fitting, long-lasting, pro-grade gear for women on farms, construction sites and factory floors.