WVC Fund:

Agility Robotics

Agility Robotics builds highly efficient, agile, and robust legged platforms for real world applications.


Caligoo platform is designed to revolutionize people’s physical and digital experience and enables a new breed of truly valuable services.


Cartogram offers indoor map creation, map content maintenance and management, venue technology management, wireless hardware management, targeted digital signage advertising, indoor positioning, indoor analytics, and the world's most powerful indoor search engine featuring product search at over 300 retailers nationwide.


Diatomix's green chemistry technology improves the quality of air we breathe by continuously lowering levels of airborne chemical pollutants.

Dune Sciences

Dune Sciences, Inc., a technology company, specializes in products and services that facilitate the development and commercialization of nano-enabled products.


eChemion converts standard graphite materials into high performance components for electrochemical systems.


Handful's core purpose is to enhance the self-esteem of women everywhere by creating fashionable, comfortable, and functional products that look good, feel good, and live good.

Hemex Health

Develops malaria and sickle cell diagnostic devices.

Heritage Laboratories

Heritage Laboratories a line of ingestible skincare, that seeks to give users brighter, firmer and more radiant skin.

Lead Method

LeadMethod develops channel revenue optimization software for industrial equipment and engineering service companies.

Levrum Data Technologies

Levrum provides a unique synthesis of simulation and machine learning increases the efficacy of core services and logistics.

Moonshadow Mobile

Moonshadow shrinks the footprint of Big Data by 90% and increases data access speed 100 times to realize huge data warehouse savings.

Onboard Dynamics

Onboard Dynamics, Inc. is commercializing intra-engine natural gas compressor technology for light-duty vehicles.


TransformativeMed is driving a revolution in health information technology by creating "Smart Health Apps.


Talkoot is the first product content production platform built for the direct to consumer era.


Tougher is on a mission to make you women comfortable on the job. The women out putting in 40+ hours a week on farms, construction sites and factory floors.