About Us

What Do We Do?

Founded in 2015, WVC invests Capital & Coaching in early-stage, high-growth companies for superior portfolio returns. WVC manages multiple venture funds including year-round WVC funds, Willamette Angel Conferences, & others.

How Do We Invest?

We endeavor to offset the risk of our investments through diversification, hands-on involvement with portfolio companies, and a well-honed due diligence strategy:


WVC has led investments of nearly $3 million in startup companies. With our robust syndication network, our investments were leveraged by $17 million in co-investments by others at the time of our investments, by more than $36 million of follow-on investments by other groups after our investment, and through more than $5 million in revenues generated by the companies’ own operations following investment. Recent investments have been in a variety of sectors – energy, software, robotics, medical, chemistry, apparel, cosmetics, and others.

Hands-on Involvement with Portfolio Companies

We prefer opportunities where our coaching and our capital can catalyze growth. Therefore, we seek entrepreneurial teams with strong visions that understand the importance of execution, collaboration, and rapid iteration. Our 100+ investor pool includes people with significant experience and capabilities in leadership, sciences, software, marketing, sales, strategy, capital formation and company growth.

Well-Honed Due Diligence Strategy

WVC uses a repeatable and focused due diligence strategy that was crafted from industry best-practices. We take a holistic approach to evaluating investment opportunities. 

Why Do We Invest?

Simply put: we find collaborating with investors & entrepreneurs, exploring new business opportunities, and fueling local innovation incredibly fun.